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+) Martin Krusche: Cover Your Eyes / Istanbul (Notes f. O. Durumsoglu) / Burning Space

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The basic pose of covering eyes should be realized by TWO GROUPS:
a) artists of the meeting
b) turkish people of every day life in the streets

Artists have to prepare the "untold secrets", that will be part of the foto-shooting in the streets. They got to mumble it, but no one can hear. As a tribute to the early work of Andrej Monastyrskij (Moscow Conceptualism). It's about evidence and vanishing of work.

This part of "Cover your Eyes / Istanbul" has three levels: 1: action in the streets / 2: serial of fotos for internet-based documentation / 3: serial of fotos for exhibition in gallery. So it is aboput three different types of (public) space.

Istanbul should be the initial moment, I want to realize further sessions in
+) Beograd and
+) Vienna
to get the symbolic line a second line.

This "second line" is related to the "first line", based on the fotograph of Sculptor Ana Vidjen, bringing out a toast over the roofs of Beograd, but also covering one eye with the glass. (See Note #3!)

We will have paraphrases of this scene in Istanbul and Vienna.

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So we have:
+) "first line" (foto-session Istanbul / Beograd / Vienna)
+) "second line" (posing in the streets: Istanbul / Beograd / Vienna)
+) "third line" (the download-poster)

I will realize a download-able poster in collaboration with Joerg Vogeltanz, in the style of well known warning signs, responding the first lines ... to be broght to the streets:

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This will be offered to an open community, to make contributions ... [Overview]

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