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Monika Mokre (Austria) & Joerg Vogeltanz (Austria): The Emptiness ...

The Emptiness of the Female Body
On the Projects of Tanja Ostojic

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The female body is an empty space for projections. It is not a subject but subjected, it is never herself but the necessary counterpart that the real (male) self needs in order to become himself. It is inscribed by desire or adoration, by glorification or humiliation. It is used and abused by pornography, marketing and the fine arts. It is shaped by fashions and changing ideas of beauty. It is not different from the clothes that cover it, it is another layer of them.

The female body cannot remain empty, undefined if it shall fulfil its function. To be the other of man, it has to represent someone or something – mother or whore, goddess or seducer. It has to be serene or erotic or bluntly sexual. It can be all that precisely because it does not have a self-definition, it is nothing more than a mirror for fantasies projected on it.

The female body is the woman ...

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By Joerg Vogeltanz

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