night: the display system

Basic Box: 7 x 7 x 20 cm

You get two JPG-Files in 300 dpi, each: din A4 / 3.508 x 2.480 Pixels / 29,7 x 21 cm for download and printout. (Use Paper with 180 g/m2 minimum for easier work.)

~ [sheet #1] 97 kb
~ [sheet #2] 105 kb

Use the box as a container, as a display, as a pedestal ... whatever you want. You can blow it up, you can transfer the design on several materials.

You can colour the panels, if you print on white paper. Or leave them the way they are. Especially if you print on coloured paper.

master01b.jpg (8337 Byte)

The "windows" on sheet #2 are optional. You can change their shape or erase them. Please leave the message on the top panel. (You could add a statement to this message!)

master02b.jpg (10399 Byte)

Building the box [link]
The basic statement [link]
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