15. Juli 2007

Michael Roloff:


That the government indicts itself under the RICO statutes, the corrupt practices act that is used to corral an ongoing criminal conspiracy that has committed an unending series of criminal acts.

Both the President and the Vice President do the honorable thing , using their shoe laces.

As do the equivalents of Air-Marshall Goering, taking doses of rat poison, the most easily obtainable, and bleed to death as they seek to atone for the monstrosities they have committed. Various others charter a plane to Gitmo and place themselves in the cells of Camp X-Ray.

Karl Rove kills himself and his wife and his seven children and leaves his diary to the National Archives, to be made public as soon as copied.

The International Tribunals expresses its gratitude for being spared the pro formas.

 With honesty spreading like wildfire, other, older members of the conspiracy fall in line. Jimmy Carter, Zigbiniev of Afghanistan, Hennery the K. of Calcutta on the Hudson; they all seen the light - the hell fires waiting for them: Billy Graham, yes, good old Billy, has convinced them that there was an whole endless eternity of fire and brimstone waiting just for them unless they fessed up, to gain a few years off, maybe some years in limbo for the bargain that they are making now. Instead of an eternity of torture by some nasty Taliban.


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