log #226: balkan buro

Page #5 of the notes is about a man called Rasa and about his violent death. It contains a little video, that shows him singing a song, dedicated to me: [link]

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You see Rasa here (on the right, talking with artist Nikola Dzafo). He died some days after this moment. The launching of my "Balkan Buro" is under influence of such different and strong emotions, cliches, ideas, artistic options ...

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I noted about the meaning of the "bunch of hay" at the door of the "shock gallery" [link]: "Remember that hay can be made at all useful, as it can be litter and food, roof and umbrella, but also how easily a single bundle ignites and how this can create a conflagration that devours everything ir reaches. We alle are like this bunch of hay and should deal carefully with each other."

This is also the beginning of a new collaboration with "ART klinika" [link], related to some projects of "kunst ost": [link] But! The hay. I had taken 8 bundles to Serbia. One for the "klinika" and seven for the tank. SEVEN is also a metaphor. It means the seven south-slavic nations. I used this theme before in the same context.

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The "seven leaves" I realized in collaboration with artist Johannes M. Musolf (†): [link] (This photograph was made by Gerhard Gross.) I left a part of these leaves (made of tin) in the grounds of Gornji Milanovac, not so far from Srebrenica. See the setup back home as contribution for the art festival "steirischer herbst": [link]

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It was linked to "led ART klinika" then, it is right now again linked to them. So you can find a kind of an ongoing narration. As I mentioned the tank, which means an american M4 Sherman from World War II, I remember, there was one at the Area between Rudnik and Gornji Milanovac, there is one in Novi Sad. (I remember another one in Slovenia.) This type of medium tank seems to have been something in former Jugoslavia: [link]

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You can see the seven pieces at the left corner. This is really my thing: Dealing with signs, marks and symbols, placed in real life, as part of an ongoing narration through years.

I was told, that Rudnik is not only the name of a little village near Gornji Milanovac. It is also the serbian word for "mine". "Rudar" is the word for "miner". We had a scene about that in 2008 ...

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...featuring the austrian artist ILA. "Nek rudara prati sreca" says "Good luck should be ith the miner": [link] So you might get an idea, what THIS narration, we started in Petrovaradin, will be about. And! Omarska was a mine before it became a concentration camp ...

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