log #331: šok alijansa

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The „shock alliance“ is derived from the „shock gallery“. This gallery is a project of the “art klinika” at Novi Sad. Novi Sad is a serbian city which is about the size of Graz, the capital of Styria (Austria). The the „shock gallery“ is exhibition space as part of a function room.

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On december 14th we had a meeting to talk about the options establishing a network of “shock galleries”, collaborate in different ways, also having a knowledge exchange and debate strategies for stabilizing the situation of contemporary art in the range of our activities.

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I am interested in those ways of collaboration as artist and as founder of the “cultural territory” kultur.at, which currently goes public over the van-site: [link]

The main project we run right now is titled “kunst ost”, which means “art east”; not because it might be related to eastern countries, but as it occurred in “oststeiermark”, which is the eastern part of styria. the website: [link]

the task of the project “kunst ost” is quite similar: stabilizing the situation of contemporary art. but that does not mean, we do this effort only focused on art. We develop steps, that are also related on the culture of everyday life, some kinds of arts & craft, for example combined by ourcuratorship of trivial myths”.

Who is “we”? Basicly me, Martin Krusche, an artist, collaborating with art historian Mirjana Peitler-Selakov. And for the project “kunst ost” we have a colleague responsible for “voluntary art”, Nina Strassegger-Tipl.

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Mirjana Peitler-Selakov with Rasa Doderovic (from "Matica Srpska")

So this is a startup for something, I consider as work in progress. There are very different starting points of very different persons. I met Nikola Dzafo and his crew first in 2008, when "art klinika" got part of our contribution for art festival "steirischer herbst": "next code: exit".

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Artist Nikola Dzafo, Head of "art klinika"

Since then we remained staying in touch, having good times and also some debates about the status quo of artists in times of downgoing budgets.So let's see, what we are going to manage and to finde out ...