log #495: from diaspora to diversities

Some background and some questions

I am the son of a society, that tried to establish a concept dividing mankind in a master race and subhumans. guess who was expected to do the hardest jobs and who wanted all the benefits.

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My folks tried to push that through with armed forces. Maybe now ideology makes it with economy. But in the end there are men in arms, promoting these deals, cause there are a lot of angry young men without any future around the world. There are lots of warlords and business men to make them go.

What are the conditions of ceasefire, peace, distributive justice and human dignity? There is no way to follow goals, to work on objectives like that, for a single nation, even if right wing-populists tell us; but that's nonsense.

I am artist, not politician. What can be done?

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I became part of the multi-annual projext "From Diaspora to Diversity" and linked it with our 2015 art symposium. There are some questions and general themes, proposals to start research, like:

+) What is the role of diaspora in the nation-building urgency and identity-centered preoccupation?

+) When ambivalence and contradiction appears in the artistic memories of the homeland?

+) Why traditions are significantly invented in retrospective affiliations?

+) Where is the space of the transmigrational groups and non-citizen classes, such as immigrants, economic migrants, exiles, refugees and illegal aliens?

+) How are the voluntary diasporic subjects different from those whose lives have been mapped by exile and forced economic migration?

+) How is diaspora being remapped through cyberspace?

+) Can there emerge different kind of citizenship - flexible, diasporic, and nomadic?

+) In which way the new models of mobility, nomadic experiences, frequent travels, short term stays in other countries as art and cultural residencies, influence and shape someone’s artistic practice and poetics?

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