tanja ostojic
Until October the 5th 2014

Please visit my current on-line exhibition, namely documentary video SANS PAPIERS (with english and german subtitles) that is available online until October 5th at:


It is 14 minutes video that we have produced in 2004 out of the first recording that I did in Berlin in spring 2004. This video has already subtitles in some 5 languages (Greek, Bosnian, Spanish, German and English) and has been shown internationally in past 10 years.

input04.jpg (27195 Byte)

Now being presented as online exhibition by Swedish platform Svilova, it's practical for many people to see it. We have not unfortunately managed to edit any of many hours of materials recorded in the following years both following Peter Oshiomegie's case (The main interview partner in this video who became German in the meantime), or me following Sans Papiers huger strikes in Greece for three years. But it might hopefully one day come out somehow as well…

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