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Konferenz in Permanenz
The Axiom-Session at Art Klinika
Martin Krusche: Input and Debate

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On Sunday, the 30th of December 2012
+) 2012: Abschließende Session
Art Klinika: [link]
Novi Sad, Grckoškolska 5

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Talking with Dragan Prole at the first session of "talking communities" on the 15th of december 2010 at Novi Sad. (Foto: Nikola Dzafo. | Prole and the "Nikola Miloševic-Prize" [link])

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Based on two sets of photographs and four presumptions:
šok alijansa: "nobody want's to be nobody" (first austrian set)
šok alijansa: "axiom" (additional austrian set)
four presumptions (serbian language)

+) šok alijansa: [link]
+) the track: axiom [link]
+) smart setting [link]

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