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Jelena Juresa
Archive Photo, Cover of the Book
"Mira, Study for a Portrait", Fotohof Edition, Salzburg
[Die zwei Ausstellungen]

Jelena Jureša's book is a part of a long-term and multi-layered project in which the artist meticulously dealt with the history of one woman, one family and one country. She is tracing Mira's life and the story of the Perera family, a family of Sephardi Jews and their life in prewar Bijeljina, Bosnia: from the period before her birth, her childhood, life in Belgrade, in Sarajevo, the birth of her children, marriage, divorce, her work in an old people's home until her tragic death in 1990, where riots soon broke out heralding the beginning of war in Croatia and the fragmentation of former Yugoslavia. (Fotohof Edition)

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