martin krusches transit zone: the crossing

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Mission Statement

Fauzie As'Ad / Indonesia, Liechtenstein: "exchange emotions"
Dreli Kuda Popalo & Mischa Lucyshyn / Russia,  Austria: "My Lips - Prunes"
Vlado Franjevic / Croatia, Liechtenstein: "Isolation"
Coco Gordon / USA: "9/11 in butter"
Tracy Hetherington & Vito Pace / Canada, Italy: "The Box"
Martin Krusche / Austria: "Die Tuerme von Zemun"
Jacek Lidwin / Poland: "Views"
Johannes J. Musolf / Germany: "The Junction"
Svetlana Volic / SCG: "Angels Angle"

[to be continued!]
this new line was inspired by the project
"where is your home?"