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20.10.2016: Suzana Milevska
Person Plural: The Clusivity of "We"
19:00 Uhr: Vortrag und Debatte
Ort: Akademie Graz, Schmiedgasse 40/I 8010 Graz


Dear Mirjana Peitler, this is a message on behalf of Suzana Milevska, my wife. Unfortunately I have to inform you that she has to cancel her trip to Graz which you both planned for 19th October. She asked me to write to you on her behalf, that as a result of the complications of her injury in Boston earlier this month she was advised not to travel by her doctor, at least for a couple of weeks. She was treated for the first injury after an accident in Boston and for a while she was ok, but last night she her pains reoccurred so obviously her injury didn't heal properly and this morning she had to go through the same painful medical procedure here in Skopje. She'll get back to you once she gets better, but please accept her apology that due to these extenuating circumstances she was not in a position to travel and present her paper as planned long time ago.

Best regards from Skopje,
Saso Stanojkovik

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"The question what are the implications behind the use of 'We' when it is used by the non-immigrants and non-refugees bothers me for a long time." (Suzana Milevska)

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