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Mission Statement | The Prizren Session

When I heared Nobel Price winner Eric Kandel [link] talk about a school friend, he said these words: Have you asked a good question?

It is hard to find a good question on complex matters. A good question is a valuable working basis.

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Artist Martin Krusche (left) and Blues Singer Oliver Mally

For many years, I try to achieve an interplay of art, economy and science in our work in progress. It is about the different skills, different approaches, the practice of the contrast in the joint work on interesting questions.

When we come to Prizren next October, we will encounter a situation that is much more complex than that in Austria.

I myself have no experience, how to survive in a post war society as an artist, because I live in a country all my life in peace.

What does it mean and what does it take to be an artist in times of a state-founding, in days of nation bulding? How do artists and cultural workers from Kosovo want to navigate the rest of Europe? What do you expect from it?

You will have noticed, those are my questions. But what are their questions? What is there in art? What is in the knowledge work and cultural work?

Today, Europe is characterized by a richly varied diaspora. It is determined by diversities, which have arisen from ethnic, political and economic forces playing.

We go south to find good questions. Maybe we will hear some answers.

Martin Krusche

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