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Have You Asked a Good Question? | The Prizren Session

What does it mean and
what does it take in a
post war society
to be an artist in times
of a state-founding,
of nation bulding?

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A road trip and a conference by
Karl Bauer, Martin Krusche, Oliver Mally & Flurim Zeqiri

+) The Road Trip: Friday, 21st of October to Wednesday, the 26th of October 2016
+) The Conference: Tuesday, 25th of October 2016
+) Cancelled, shift: [g] Statement zur Verschiebung

[e] = english | [g] = german

+) [e] Mission Statement by Martin Krusche
+) [g] Gleisdorf Meeting, 8. Juli 2916
+) [e] The Skopje Questions
+) [g] Kulturkonferenz im Kosovo

This is a part of the 2016 art symposion by & Kunst Ost,
related to the project Dorf 4.0 & From Diaspora to Diversities.

Art, Economy & Science
(KWW: Kunst, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft)

-- [Symposions-Programm] --

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