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"We live in a beautiful wourld"
Von Milan Bosnic & Milica Milicevic


During the past 15 years around 700.000 of young, mostly educated people immigrated from Serbia. The reasons are: Milosevic's repression, war, inability to earn some money or travel; which means that human rights were not respected at the time and life was uneasy.

In attempt to find a better prosperity they live all around the world today. Nevertheless a small number of them really prospered abroad. Most of them earn their living by doing hard and non-adequately paid jobs, while their colleague diplomas are lying on the bottom of their suitcases.

It's not only because of unimployment in those foreign countries, but also because of world's bad attitude toward Serbs. Most of them wishes to return to their homeland, but they find it difficult to adapt to the way of life in Serbia today; besides, it's difficult to find a proper job they're qualified for since they have no work experience. They call both them and us "Milosevic's lost generations".

While young intellectuals were leaving Serbia, many uneducated young Serbs became criminals, which was an extremely profitable "profession" during the war and repression; drugs, weapons, stealing ... they became idols of many young people at the time and they lived a dangerous and exciting life. They're driving expensive jeeps, they lived in luxurious hotels and the most beautiful girls in the city were their girl-friends ... and they were dying very young. Clashes of these gangs were on daily news every day and they fought against Milosevic's police sometimes.

They could survive a year or two as criminals, which means they were killed when were 15-25 years old. There were hundreds of them. They dreamed of wealth and domination and gathered in a street called "Silicon Valley" (ironic name that has nothing to do with Silicon Valley in USA but with silicon implants of their girl-friends) and finally ended in the Serbian cemeteries.

Milica and Milan have more Serbian friends abroad than in Serbia. Many of them are their childhood friends and some are not here for 15 years now and we see them less and less.

This series of photographs called "We live in a beautiful wourld" (spelled incorrect) is work in progress aiming to note this young people.

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